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How Thrilling Is ‘Totally Killer’, (2023) the Time-Traveling New Slasher Comedy on Prime Video?

Thrilling Movie Is ‘Totally Killer’.

Totally Killer

The ‘Totally Killer’ No horror film can ever be too scary for true fans. The wrong one, on the other hand, wimp, can make you miserable.

Slate’s Scaredy Scale is here to help, so do not be alarmed. We’ve developed a highly objective, largely spoiler-free method for scoring new horror films Totally Killer by comparing them with classic examples on a scale of 1 to 10.

It also classifies each film’s frights into three categories: suspense, spookiness, and gore because not everyone is frightened by the same things—some viewers can’t bear jump scares, while others are plagued by more psychological terrors or can’t stomach arterial spurts.

This time, we’re talking about Blumhouse’s latest history-traveling slasher for Prime Video, starring Kiernan Shipka (Sally Draper from Mad Men and Sabrina from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina). So grab your parachute trousers and put your hair in a side ponytail.

Totally Killer, directed by Nahnatchka Khan of Always Be My Maybe, follows teenager Jamie (Shipka) as she travels through time to find the unidentified killer who would later target from the 1980s until the present, her parents and their pals were all teenagers.


The film is a fantastic choice for the spooky season because it has a lot of nostalgia, a funny tone, and a Halloween location. However, viewers should be informed that it has an R classification and an acceptable amount of deaths.

It all looks about fair for Mashable to have referred to it as an “R-rated Disney Channel Original Movie,” adding swiftly that this was meant as a complement. However, is this really kid-friendly material, or is it more akin to the kind of teen slaughter that has made generations of people frightened to pick up the phone? Let’s try to sum up anything.


Jump scares are a given in any film that mimics the horror of the 1980s, and Totally Killer is no exception. Luckily for individuals who naturally have faster pulse rates, the movie seldom has those, and those are at rather obvious times.

It’s about as suspenseful as you might anticipate from a movie with a snarky hero who complains about the lack of Wi-Fi, other characters’ uncertainty over consent, and the subpar quality of ’80s cannabis after taking a trip into the past. In other words, it’s funnier than nerve-wracking.

Though ‘Totally Killer’ may not be especially spooky, it is a slasher, and there is plenty of slashing in it: The antagonist, known as the “Totally Killer,” is famous for stabbing his victims 16 times. To the film’s credit, much of the bloodshed takes place off-screen.

Though we occasionally witness the killer make the stabbing action, the blade doesn’t always touch the victim’s body. However, there are many instances in which we clearly see the butcher murdering his prey, and regardless of how the action is captured, there is always a bloody corpse left in plain sight after the masked assassin completes the killing.

Despite being the most desensitized to the gore of these three categories, the noises of the executions occasionally nevertheless made me blush. even if the gruesome act was hidden by the camera.

The majority of this film’s playing length devotes itself to jokes about 1980s fright flicks and pop culture in general. After just saying that she is an exchange student, Jamie objects to the high school’s lack of security when she receives a schedule.

She hails a ride from an unidentified woman, a mother of small children who is shocked when Jamie declines her offer to drive her to the high school and then smokes the entire trip. Also, Jamie’s parents and their pals aren’t the brightest lights in the room because they’re more focused on pot brownies and sex than the senseless deaths of their friends.


Not to mention that she is able to do all of this because of time travel. All of this is to say that nothing in the film is taken too seriously. The laughs, not the shivers, are what you remember for the longest after it’s finished. I give this a modest 2, though, because a serial killer is a serial killer, and that menace is at least more genuine than time travel.


The styles of traditional horror, meta-humor, and Reagan-era throwbacks are all well-balanced in ‘Totally Killer’, which also has a few f-bombs. The good news for all the Shipka fans who may be used to Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’s relatively mild shocks is that it is more entertaining than it is hair-raising. However, those with hemophobia or others who are still bothered by 1980s fashion may need to occasionally shield their eyes.


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