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Leo trailer: Thalapathy Vijay battles goons and hyenas in a new bloody action picture Watch 2023

Today is Leo Trailer Day!


The long-awaited trailer for Thalapathy Vijay was released today. Don’t miss the actor’s outdoorsy mood in the Lokesh Kanagaraj-directed movie.

Thalapathy Vijay’s supporters have been incensed for days, and the actor is trending on Twitter’s X platform. On Thursday, the cast and crew of his Tamil flick Leo finally released the much-awaited awaited awaited trailer. On October 19,  will be made available in theaters. The movie will be Vijay and Lokesh Kanagaraj’s second collaboration succeeding 2021’s Master.


Action picture “Leo” Trailer

More atmospheric than descriptive, the trailer. Based on what we could gather, Vijay plays a Kashmir-based family man with a wife (Trisha) and a daughter. His history, however, follows him as angry bad guys look for him. They violently assault him and light his clothes on fire, and for a little period, Vijay looks beaten. After receiving a few punches, his violent fighter side arrives, and he sweeps all goons aside by himself.

There is also talk of a police officer looking for a serial killer who is now worldwide. Sanjay Dutt plays the boss villain with terrible air, and a cameo is also hinted at toward the conclusion.

Watch it here:

2 thoughts on “Leo trailer: Thalapathy Vijay battles goons and hyenas in a new bloody action picture Watch 2023”

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