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Virginia Republican Party sends thousands of pornographic fliers related to the Susanna Gibson affair 2023

In Washington, on Tuesday Democrat Susanna Gibson that the Virginia Republican Party has distributed voter fliers containing graphic content, who is embroiled in a sex scandal and is running for a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates, two weeks prior to the state’s election on November 7.

Susanna Gibson
Before she was a candidate, Gibson allegedly live-streamed intimate actions with her spouse on a pornographic website. The flyers, which declared on the envelopes that “explicit material” was inside, reportedly contained quotations and purported screenshots from Gibson regarding sex as well as passages taken from news reports about the controversy, according to WWBT.

According to the station, the Republican Party of Virginia paid for the flyer, as stated on the mailer envelope. In addition, there was a red-letter notice that said, “Do not open if you are under the age of 18.”
On one of the flier pages, it says at the bottom, “Virginia deserves better.”

A request for comment was not immediately answered by Gibson’s campaign. In a statement, the campaign charged that the state GOP, together with her opponent, David Owen, a Republican, was attempting to “distract voters from their extreme agenda to ban abortion, cut education funding, and give violent offenders access to weapons of mass destruction.”

The message went on, “Voters will not be fooled by these desperate attacks; they are tired of them.” “Susanna’s priorities have always been preserving our communities’ safety, adequately funding our schools, and defending the right to an unrestricted abortion. She is devoted to our community and nothing can ever stop her.

Susanna Gibson
Rich Anderson, the chair of the state GOP, stated in a statement that the mailer refuted Gibson’s unverified allegations that her publicly viewable tapes were released by the Virginia Republican Party, according to WWBT.

“The mail piece corrects her with previously published news articles from the mainstream press and Gibson’s own public pronouncements, which are supported by her video’s false statements,” he said.
Glenn Youngkin, the Republican governor, told the channel he hadn’t seen the flyer.

“This candidate’s personal life is something that that candidate needs to explain to people, and the Democratic Party needs to have an opinion on this,” he stated.

Requests for response from Youngkin, the state GOP, and Owen’s campaign were not immediately answered.

Abhi Rahman, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee’s director of communications, criticized “Republican smear tactics” in a statement.
Rahman claimed that “desperate Republicans know they’re losing and will do anything to turn it around, even this abhorrent invasion of privacy.” “One thing is certain: the ‘family values’ party is no more.”

In her campaign for the state’s competitive 57th District seat, nurse practitioner Gibson has stated that she is committed to eliminating gun violence, enhancing the public education system, and defending reproductive rights. On his website, Owen has stated that strengthening the educational system, and cutting crime, and inflation are some of his top goals.
Susanna Gibson
Republicans and Democrats are tightly divided in the House of Delegates. 48 seats are held by Republicans, 46 by Democrats, and 6 are up for grabs. was the original home of this article.

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