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PM Modi launches “Namo Bharat,” the nation’s first regional rapid train service, in Ghaziabad 2023

 “Namo Bharat,” the nation’s first regional rapid train service.

Namo Bharat

Delhi-Meerut Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) Corridor: On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi turned on the first RRTS corridor at Sahibabad, Uttar Pradesh, and he also signaled the departure of a RAPIDX train, which is currently known as the “Namo Bharat,” from the station.

Sahibabad RAPIDX station will serve as the starting point for the priority part of the Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut RRTS Corridor. The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) released a statement announcing the start of RRTS in India. The prime minister will flag off a RAPIDX train that connects Sahibabad and Duhai Depot. And “Namo Bharat” will be the name of this train.

In celebration of the event, PM Modi will also speak at a public rally and later open two sections of the Bengaluru Metro’s east-west corridor.


PM Modi calls the All Women Crew a symbol of India’s women’s power.PM Modi remarked that Mother Katyayani’s blessings were also extended to the opening of Namo Bharat, despite pointing out that India has a custom of performing auspicious work during Navratri.

He said, “This is a symbol of the growing step of women’s power in India,” and mentioned that the train’s driver and the entire crew are made up entirely of women.

We do both the foundation-laying and project inauguration: Modi PM After launching the first RRTS train, “Namo Bharat,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared, “We only lay the foundation stone, we only inaugurate it,” at a public assembly.

On the launch of India’s first Regional Rapid Train Service, he congratulated everyone.

PM Modi Uses Video Conferencing to Open Two Sections of Bangalore Metro Through a video conference on Friday, Bangalore Metro’s two east-west corridors were also officially opened by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Bangalore Metro Purple Line’s Kengeri to Challaghatta and Baiyappanahalli to Krishnarajapura segments were put into service on October 9 without waiting for a ceremonial inauguration.

As a result, “Namma Metro’s” overall operating length has grown to 74 km with 66 stops and an excess of 7.5 lakh daily users. The second-biggest metro network in the nation is Namma Metro.

PM Modi Rides on Rapid Express and Engages with Students and Crew After signing on at the Sahibabad station, Prime Minister Narendra Modi rode on the new RAPIDX as well. He engaged with the children and the train crew while surrounded by pupils.

Launch of the “Namo Bharat” RRTS Train From Sahibabad by PM Modi On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi signaled the departure of the “Namo Bharat” RRTS train at Sahibabad station, which is part of the Delhi-Meerut line. Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri and Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath were also present at the inaugural event.

The Uttar Pradesh government has declared Friday, in advance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit, a holiday for all Ghaziabad schools. Instead, the authorities ordered the schools to offer online instruction.

Prior to PM Modi’s visit, a traffic advisory was issued. A traffic advisory was issued by the Ghaziabad Traffic Police prior to PM Modi’s RRTS launch. The limitations will be in effect starting at 7 a.m. on Friday and lasting until the programme is over.

  1. The transportation of any kind of vehicle from Hindon Air Force Golchakkar via Mohan Nagar to the Sahibabad RapidX station/public meeting is strictly prohibited.
  2. It is strictly forbidden for any kind of vehicle to move from the Police Station Link Road Red Light in the direction of the Sahibabad RapidX Station and the public meeting.
  3. From ALT intersection to Bhopura via Hindon roundabout via Nagdwar towards Rajnagar expansion, the movement of heavy and medium commercial trucks would be strictly prohibited. buses of all kinds from Bhopura to Loni via the Rajnagar Extension to the Rotary Roundabout via Nagdwar.

Namo Bharat-

Congress Takes Aim at PM Modi for Calling RRTS Trains “Namo Bharat” Prime Minister Narendra Modi came under fire from the Congress on Thursday for referring to the RRTS trains as “Namo Bharat,” claiming that there is “simply no limit to his self-obsession.” According to official sources, PM Modi would name the RRTS trains “Namo Bharat” when they are introduced.

Senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh responded to it by writing on X, saying, “After Namo stadium, now Namo trains.” His fixation with himself knows no bounds. Another Congress MP, Pawan Khera, questioned why Bharat was even used in the name of the Prime Minister Modi-named cricket stadium in Ahmedabad. Simply rename the nation Namo, and you’ll be done with it.

PM Modi to Address After-inauguration Public Rally Following the official opening of the Delhi-Meerut RRTS corridor, Prime Minister Narendra will also give a speech at a commemorative public event. After that, PM Modi will also officially open two sections of the Bengaluru Metro’s east-west corridor.

RAPIDX Station Murals Show the Changes That RRTS Will Bring Bright At a recently constructed station of RAPIDX, India’s first semi-high-speed regional rail service, murals have been painted with poignant subtitles with the goal of redefining long-distance travel in the Delhi-Meerut area.

The responsibility of overseeing the building of the RRTS between Delhi and Meerut fell to the National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC).

There are currently murals being painted at the Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, and Duhai RAPIDX stations, out of the five stations that make up the core segment. Other completed stations are also having murals completed, a senior official told PTI.

The hand-paintings, according to officials, will illustrate the transformation that RRTS will bring about in people’s life. They also added that these paintings are a potent tool for community involvement, cultural representation, and self-expression.

Namo Bharat

Sources image: The Indian Express

RRTS Is Called “Namo Bharat” Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri declared on Thursday that PM Modi will name the RRTS trains “Namo Bharat” when they are inaugurated.

The first semi-high-speed regional rail service project in India is being carried out by the National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC), which dubbed the RRTS trains “RAPIDX” in April. The Union Minister of housing and Urban Affairs declared that RRTS trains will be dubbed “Namo Bharat” in a post on X that was posted in Hindi.

AI-Powered Baggage Scanning Device to Warn Security Personnel The baggage scanning system at the priority section stations of the Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut RRTS Corridor is outfitted with artificial intelligence-powered technology, according to representatives of the National Capital Region Transportation Company (NCRTC). This technology will alert and assist security staff in identifying items that are restricted or prohibited.

A senior official stated, “The Uttar Pradesh government has given the Uttar Pradesh Special Security Force (UPSSF) responsibility for the security of all state stations, and the deployment of security force at the priority section’s stations has already been applied.”

In addition, the UP Police will send a dog squad, a bomb detection and disposal squad, and a quick reaction team to investigate and prevent crimes in stations.

The lounge for the premium class is one of the amenities in the modern RRTS trains. PM Modi is scheduled to launch RAPIDX, India’s first semi-high-speed regional rail service, on Friday. The trains will have a variety of passenger comforts and high-tech features.

Each RAPIDX train will have six coaches in total, including a premium coach. There is a special women’s carriage on every train; it’s the one next to the premium coach. There are serial numbers on the coach seats.

Extra amenities that are designed with commuters in mind are included in premium coaches. These include reclining chairs, coat hooks, magazine holders, and footrests.

They also have a separate color code for each seat and an opening for a vending machine in the future.

Platform screen doors, or PSDs, are installed at every RRTS station for added security. The signaling system and RRTS train doors are integrated with these PSDs.

When the train stops at a station, passengers will be able to board and exit using a push-button system on the doors, according to officials. According to officials, this action has been made in an effort to “save energy.”

Namo Bharat

(With inputs from PTI)

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