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How Much Does Kohl’s Pay An Hour In 2023?

how much does kohl's pay
How Much Does Kohl’s Pay

How Much Does Kohl’s Pay

Getting work at Kohl’s might be a fantastic way to supplement your income, particularly if you require part-time employment or are a student. However, you undoubtedly want to know how much does Kohl’s pay an hourly wage before applying.

This is a simple response in case you’re pressed for time: Kohl’s hourly pay usually varies based on the position and area, from $10 to $22. We’ll go over Kohl’s hourly pay rates for different roles, earning-related variables, employee perks, and advice on how to get recruited at Kohl’s in this comprehensive guide.

We’ll go over all you need to know about Kohl’s hourly pay rates in this extensive 3000-word article, including average salaries for managers, supervisors, and sales associates. We’ll also go over how your potential earnings at Kohl’s can be impacted by geography, experience level, and other things.

Make use of this article as your go-to source for information on Kohl’s hourly pay and perks whether you’re looking for work or getting ready for an impending interview.

Kohl’s Average Hourly Wages

How much an hourly worker at Kohl’s will make is one of the most frequent questions asked by prospective employees. While region and work position can affect pay, the following is a breakdown of Kohl’s average hourly earnings for 2023:

Sales Associates and Cashiers

In order to make sure that customers have a great shopping experience, sales associates and cashiers are essential. These entry-level jobs at Kohl’s provide competitive hourly pay. Kohl’s sales associates and cashiers typically make between $12.50 and $15 per hour, depending on their performance and level of experience.

It’s important to remember that in some places with greater cost of living, these incomes might be higher.

Department Supervisors

At Kohl’s, department supervisors are also responsible for managing a group of associates and supervising a particular area of the store. Their hourly pay therefore accounts for this additional obligation.

Kohl’s department supervisors make, on average, $15 to $18 per hour. Performance reviews and years of experience are two further variables that may have an impact on these salaries.

Assistant Store Managers

At Kohl’s, assistant store managers are in charge of helping the store manager with a variety of management and operational duties. Strong leadership abilities and in-depth knowledge of the retail sector are necessary for this position.

Assistant store managers at Kohl’s get paid an average of $18 to $22 per hour for their experience. In addition, bonuses and incentives could be given to them in accordance with the success of the store.

Store Managers

Store managers are mostly in charge of a Kohl’s location’s overall success. They are in charge of managing the staff, sales, and customer service, among other facets of the store’s operations.

In light of the degree of responsibility and experience needed, Kohl’s store managers receive a competitive hourly compensation, typically ranging from $25 to $30. Potential bonuses and other performance-based incentives are on top of this.

Remember that these numbers are averages and may differ depending on specific elements like performance, location, and experience. It is advised to check out the official Kohl’s website or get in touch with a corporate representative for the most current and correct information.

how much does kohl's pay
How Much Does Kohl’s Pay

Factors Affecting Kohl’s Pay

Many criteria will be taken into consideration in order to determine Kohl’s hourly wage in 2023. These variables can change and have an effect on Kohl’s employee pay rates. Let’s examine a few of the crucial elements in more detail:


The store’s location is a key element that affects pay at Kohl’s. The cost of living and minimum wage regulations in various states and localities can have an impact on wages. Employees in a Kohl’s store in New York City, for instance, might make more money per hour than those at a store in a Midwest small town.

Experience Level

A key element influencing salary at Kohl’s is an employee’s degree of experience. Like many other businesses, Kohl’s frequently pays employees with more experience more. This implies that those with a longer tenure with the organization or a solid performance history may qualify for higher hourly rates.


An employee’s salary at Kohl’s may also be impacted by the department they work in. Some departments, including management or specialized tasks, could pay more because of the extra duties and expertise needed.

For example, the hourly pay of a department manager could be higher than that of a sales associate.

Full-Time Vs Part-Time

An employee’s salary at Kohl’s may also vary depending on whether they work full- or part-time. Compared to their part-time colleagues, full-time employees may earn greater hourly compensation and frequently receive additional benefits.

It’s important to remember, though, that Kohl’s part-timers can still take advantage of flexible work hours and attractive wage rates.

Overtime Pay

Another element that may have an effect on a worker’s total salary at Kohl’s is overtime compensation. Employees may be eligible for overtime pay, which is usually 1.5 times their regular hourly rate, if they work longer than their assigned hours.

An employee’s pay may rise considerably as a result, and there may be chances to make additional money.

It’s crucial to remember that pay rates at Kohl’s could alter over time for a variety of reasons, such as business policies and market conditions. It is advised to check out the official Kohl’s website or speak with a corporate representative for the most precise and current information on pay rates.

Benefits for Kohl’s Employees

In addition to offering a rewarding career, working at Kohl’s entitles you to a number of outstanding advantages. These perks are intended to encourage and honor Kohl’s employees for their commitment and hard work.

Let’s examine some of Kohl’s most noteworthy advantages in more detail.

Health Insurance

Since Kohl’s recognizes the need to keep one’s health in check, it provides its employees with extensive health insurance coverage. These plans guarantee that associates have access to the necessary treatment by providing medical, dental, and vision coverage.

Kohl’s provides its employees with comprehensive medical coverage, including preventative care, routine check-ups, and more.

Retirement Plans

Because Kohl’s understands how important it is to plan for the future, the company provides retirement programs to its employees. Employees can take advantage of tax benefits while saving for retirement through 401(k) programs.

In addition, Kohl’s provides a substantial matching program to its employees, which helps them save for retirement and create a stable financial future.

Merchandise Discounts

Benefiting from large goods discounts is one of the advantages of working at Kohl’s. Employee discounts are available to associates on a variety of products, such as clothing, accessories, home goods, and more.

In addition to saving money, this advantage enables staff members to take pleasure in the goods they assist in bringing to market.

Wellness Programs

Recognizing the value of employee well-being, Kohl’s provides a range of wellness initiatives to promote the physical and emotional well-being of its employees. These programs could cover wellness challenges, mental health support, and access to fitness centers or discounted gym memberships.

In order to foster a happy work environment for its staff, Kohl’s advocates for a balanced and healthful lifestyle.

Days of Associate Shopping

Special Associate Shopping Days are given by Kohl’s to show its appreciation for the commitment and hard work of its associates. Employees can buy with even bigger discounts during these exclusive events, giving them the chance to purchase the goods they assist in selling at much lower costs.

It’s a wonderful method for colleagues to pamper themselves and their families.

how much does kohl's pay
How Much Does Kohl’s Pay

How Kohl’s Hiring Process Works

Look Up Open Positions Now

It’s crucial to check for open positions on Kohl’s website or other job search engines before applying. It’s important to continually check Kohl’s job postings as they frequently update them with fresh openings.

For further information on new job posts, think about subscribing to job notifications or following Kohl’s on social media.

Apply Online

Once you’ve found a job opening at Kohl’s that interests you, the next step is to apply online. Typically, to apply at Kohl’s, candidates must complete an online form that asks for personal information, employment history, and answers to detailed questions about their qualifications.

Fill out the application as thoroughly as possible, taking care to emphasize any relevant experience or talents that will help you stand out as a strong contender for the job.

Prepare for The Interview

If you are chosen for an interview after submitting your application, it’s crucial to be prepared. Do some research on the business and become acquainted with Kohl’s mission, values, and any new or recent changes.

Practice standard interview questions and consider how your background and abilities meet the employment requirements. To show your enthusiasm and interest in the job, think about drafting a few questions to ask the interviewer.

Emphasize Retail Experience

Having previous retail experience might be a big plus when applying for jobs at Kohl’s. Make sure to emphasize any prior retail employment you have held, highlighting your ability to operate in a fast-paced workplace, handle multiple activities at once, and provide good customer service.

Do not be concerned if you lack retail experience! Emphasize soft skills that are applicable in the retail industry, like problem-solving, teamwork, and communication.

You can improve your chances of being employed by Kohl’s by doing the following. Don’t forget to be persistent, highlight your skills, and show that you are excited about the firm. Wishing you luck!


Comparable hourly pay is provided by Kohl’s compared to other big shops. You can establish reasonable expectations for hourly compensation at Kohl’s by being aware of the average pay rates for various roles and the variables that affect wages.

Kohl’s can be an excellent spot to launch your retail career because of its generous benefits package and career advancement possibilities. Make the most of your hourly earnings potential at Kohl’s by applying the advice in this guide to help you present your best self during the hiring process.

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