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The Bad Bunny Best Groundbreaking Songs b (2023)!

Bad Bunny, a Latin artist, is shattering records in the music business. Let’s examine a few of his ground-breaking tracks from his popular albums.


Credit: Alexander Tamargo/Telemundo

 As a well-known Latin artist worldwide, Bad Bunny, a rapper and vocalist from Puerto Rico, breaks records. His album Un Verano Sin Ti is the first and only Spanish-language record to win the Grammy for album of the year.

He was the top pop star of 2022. Notably, two of his albums debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, which is unheard of for albums sung in Spanish.

With 18.5 billion streams in just the previous year, he continues to dominate music streaming services as one of the most streamed musicians worldwide.

Un Verano Sin Ti (2022)

The album with the most Spotify streams is Un Verano Sin Ti. This album is not worthy of just one song.

“Me Porto Bonito”

With 1.5 billion streams, “Me Porto Bonito” is the most streamed song from this album. Together with reggaeton musician Chencho Corleone, they sing of their desire to give up their single life for a female and their obsession with her.

The lively tune with several melody shifts captivates the listener and makes it hard not to dance; the title translates to “I’ll Behave Myself.”

The widely shared poem “You are not a bebecita; you are a bebesota.” “Frikitona, ma’, se te nota” became the summer of 2022’s hit TikTok song.

According to Rolling Stone, this song is among Bad Bunny’s top 50. The song’s “pulsing beat” and “Corleone’s infectious chorus” are what make it a “instant classic.”

“Titi Me Pregunto”

The song, which begins with a sample of Anthony Santos’s bachata song “No Te Puedo Olvidar,” is a blend of Dominican dembow and trap. With more than 1.3 billion Spotify plays, this is the second most streamed song from the album by the artist.

“Titi Me Pregunto” parodies the cliché of an aunt inquiring about her nephew’s number of girlfriends. The upbeat melody and lighthearted storyline of this song make it suitable for all age groups.

El Último Tour Del Mundo (2020)

“Dakiti” (feat. Jhayco)

Three years after its release, Bad Bunny and Puerto Rican rapper and vocalist Jhay Cortez collaborated on a hit song. With almost 1.8 billion plays, “Dakiti” is the artist’s most streamed song on Spotify.

In 2021, it took home several Latin Billboard Music Awards, including “Streaming Song of the Year,” “Hot Latin Song,” and “Top Latin Song.”

Both musicians are taking pride in their heritage and “planting their island’s flag atop the charts” at Dákiti Beach, which is located in San Juan, Puerto Rico (W Magazine, 2020).

According to Bad Bunny, he wanted the futuristic reggaeton tune to be “one of those songs where you feel the melody,” as he told W Magazine.

Even if you don’t understand the lyrics, you can still experience the song.” His intention was to write a melody-driven song that would bridge linguistic divides and foster international togetherness.


2020’s most-streamed album, YHLQMDLG, smashed Billboard records.


The title of the song, which refers to an island in Japan, is written in both Spanish and Japanese. This fusion of cultures was warmly embraced by the public, as seen by the song’s ascent to the top of Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs chart.

Reggaeton sounds are mixed with a melancholic tone in this song. The Bad Bunny plot is on him getting over the loss of a loved one who moved to an island far away.

“Yo Perreo Sola” (feat. Nesi)

Although this song is ranked in Rolling Stone’s top three by the artist, the music video is what broke down barriers based on gender and culture. It is the most viewed Latin music video globally, according to Billboard.

The Bad Bunny singer wears full drag, defying the expectations of Latino macho. In contrast to normal Latin songs, which frequently objectify women, the song emphasizes the value of respecting both women and the LGBTQ+ community.

The lyrics, which have a reggaeton sound, encourage women to dance by themselves and address concerns of violence against women and LGBTQ+ individuals.

Callaita – Single (2019)

Many fans were taken aback by this tune in the summer of 2019. The song is ideal for summertime because it opens with a beach scene, complete with waves crashing and seagulls cawing. The lyrics tell the story of a shy, naive girl who becomes wasted and starts having fun.

Oasis – 2019

“La Canción” (feat. J.Balvin)

“La Canción,” which has received over 1.4 billion Spotify plays, is regarded by Billboard as a crucial single from the Oasis album that features J. Balvin.

The song, whose title translates to “The Song,” is performed at a leisurely, emotional pace as the two performers remember previous relationships. This feeling of weariness is practically reflected in the mild tempo.

The two musicians concentrate on the hours they spent drinking, dancing, and singing together. Rolling Stone draws attention to the muted trumpet sound in the background, which stands in for a repressed recollection of the two of them together. Many people were moved by the song’s emotion and message.

This tale is brought to life in the music video, as the musician plays a ghost who observes his ex-girlfriend dancing with a different man.

Due to his acceptance of his culture and convictions, Benito Martínez Ocasio, popularly known as Bad Bunny, rose to become the biggest pop singer.

Through transcending the boundaries of language, culture, and gender, Benito’s distinctive sound has enthralled audiences worldwide.

We ought to be appreciative that we have an influential and motivating artist in our midst.

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